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Atlantic City Country Club

One of the most historic courses in the country. Atlantic City Country Club is the birthplace of "The Birdie" and "Eagle".

Atlantic City Country Club Atlantic City Country Club

Ballamor Golf Club

Private until a couple of years ago. It still have to feel and vibe of a private facility. A great addition to Atlantic City Golf.

Ballamor Golf Club Ballamor Golf Club

Blue Heron Pines

Always pristine and the pace of play is FAST. This full service golf facility has every amenity you have come to expect from Ron Jaworski Golf Course.

Blue Heron Pines Blue Heron Pines

Links at Brigantine Beach

This Scottish style links course on the bay is so authentic that the old timers use to practice here to get ready for the British Open.

Links at Brigantine Beach Links at Brigantine Beach

McCullough's Emerald Links

Course conditions is the order of the day here. Always green and always fun. A great value for fun play at the Jersey Shore.

McCullough's Emerald Links McCullough's Emerald Links

Renault Vineyards

Only a few years old but already making a name for itself as a world class golf experience.

Renault Vineyards Renault Vineyards

Running Dear

Another Ron Jaworski jewel of a Golf Course. Serene and pristine is the theme of this facility.

Running Dear Running Dear

Sand Barrens

Located in Cape May County this 27 hole gem features landscape that can only be described as AMAZING.

Sand Barrens Sand Barrens

Scotland Run

If you happen to be coming to Atlantic city from points west, do not miss an opportunity to play this well balanced and exciting golf facility.

Scotland Run Scotland Run

Seaview Resort Bay and Pines

Historic home of many tournaments played by Sam Snead and the like. 2 championship courses and a full service Resort Hotel.

Seaview Resort Bay and Pines Seaview Resort Bay and Pines

Twisted Dune

This is the course that put Atlantic City on the map as a premier East Coast Golf Destination.

Twisted Dune Twisted Dune

Twisted Dune

World class golf with breathtaking elevation changes.

Twisted Dune Twisted Dune


The Truth About Atlantic City and Golf

September 25th 2014 | Posted by

There has been so many sad stories about Atlantic City and the Casinos closing that we decided to set the record straight.  Yes, casinos have closed and many people have lost jobs and that is terrible. 

That is something the casino analysts have been predicting for many years.  Atlantic City was created to be a gaming destination with no competition on the East Coast.  Now, there are 30 casinos in the surrounding area, all wanting a piece of the gaming pie.  We no longer have a monopoly.

Hence, Atlantic City Re-invents itself one more time.   Atlantic City has had so many incarnations it is not even funny.  Just look  at Boardwalk Empire and you can see a few of them right there.

The Family Friendly Seaside Resort and the Lively Prohibition Era where anything goes are being featured this season on the Show’s Farewell Year.   Several declines and several re-births, that is what Atlantic City does.   This last run, the Casino Era, had a 30 year run.  That run was made possible because we had an East Coast Monopoly on Gaming.  That Monopoly is long gone.  Now it is time to pay the piper.

One thing we did not do right when we had that attention as the gaming mecca of the East Coast is that we told the world we had all these casinos but we did not tell them much else.  The short term thinking of the day was “come here, lose your money and go home”.   The casinos were running 90% occupancy and making money hand over fist so it appeared to be a sound approach.  Not that everyone agreed with that but when you are the very big dog in a destination you call the shots.  It is just that simple. 

During the casino monopoly era the Atlantic City Region Golf Industry lived in the very large shadow of the golf industry.  Since the casinos wanted you to lose and go home, the idea of getting out of the building for 6 hours to golf did not find any very much support from the Casino Industry.  One exception to that rule was Tropicana Casino who always has been a friend to the Golf Industry and continues to do that to this day. 

Fast forward to today, all the casinos support golf as well as shopping, nightlife, shows, dining and anything else that puts heads on beds  and people at the slots and tables.  Some say it  is too little too late but I say nay to that notion.  Just think about everything we have to offer and how many people live within a half a tank of gas from Atlantic City.  “So much fun, so close to home”  is how we like to think of ourselves.  All that and the world famous boardwalk and beach.  That’s a lot of good stuff.

We are working hard to get there.  Certainly our courses and golf destination are getting rave reviews and hailed as the best midsize golf destination on the East Coast.  That is certainly something to build on.   Hopefully, something along with visitors for shows, shopping, nightlife and attractions will bring visitors to Atlantic City and help get some of these laid off workers back on the job.   It will not happen overnight but  it will happen.  After all, this is Atlantic City.







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Joining a Golf Club: What To Look For

December 10th 2013 | Posted by

joining a country clubSelecting a country club to join can be a complicated task. Every club is a little bit different, and your membership is an important investment. You’ll want to find just the right location to give your patronage. Although the number of potential country clubs is quite large, you can narrow down your choices by focusing in on these seven essential elements of all great country clubs.

1. Your Needs and Their Resources

One of the most important elements of finding the right country club is understanding precisely what your needs are. Why do you want to join a country club? What amenities are you looking to use? Which of these amenities are most important? Although these questions may seem somewhat trivial or annoying, coming up with concrete and detailed answers can help determine what the best country club is for you.

Other things you may want to consider in this part of your journey is how much time you will be spending at the country club. If you intend on staying for extended periods, it may be beneficial to select a location with amenities well suited to your more long term needs. If your intention is to come, play a particular sport, and leave, then a very different type of country club may be ideal. Your intended time commitment will affect what amenities are best for you.

2. Sports Package

Every individual has a different preference when it comes to sports. Perhaps you enjoy a good round of golf, or maybe you like a good dip in the pool. Whatever your preference, it is important that your country club can accommodate your sports needs. If you really enjoy horseback riding, your club will need to have the necessary facilities. If you need a world-class golf course, your ideal country club will be well-known for their golfing experience. Consider which sporting facilities are most important to you and make your list of clubs accordingly.

3. Dining & Sleeping Accommodations

Some country clubs have dining opportunities with restaurants managed by world famous chefs. Other country clubs have cozier classy settings. If you enjoy a great culinary experience, you may want to look specifically for country clubs which can accommodate you.

In addition, the sleeping accommodations can make a big impact on your decision to join one country club over another. If you know that you want to spend a continuous amount of time relaxing at your country club, good sleeping accommodations is a must. Sleeping on the premises can save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress traveling from a hotel to your club.

4. Location

How far are you willing to travel for your club? Are you planning to fly in and enjoy your vacation at the club? Or do you want somewhere within driving distance? Everyone has different attitudes about how far one ought to travel to get to their country club. You will have to decide what is right for you. It is good to go in with a general idea of what your distance needs are. This is one factor which can greatly influence your decision to join a particular country club.

5. Atmosphere

Some people enjoy a high class formal experience. Others prefer a more relaxed approachable vibe. Different country clubs provide different experiences in this regard. Although almost all clubs are geared toward those seeking quality environments, they can come in a variety of flavors. For example, some country clubs have a distinctly natural atmosphere with open views of the natural environment. Others may have a more European sensibility. While others still may have a classic American feel. You will want to find a club which suits whatever atmosphere you find most appealing.

6. Membership Opportunities

The reason you should consider the membership opportunities of the club is twofold. First, you need to know if you are likely to be accepted as a member. Are there currently openings for new members in the club? Is it a matter of meeting criteria and paying dues, or is there a more complicated process? These are important for your own ability to join. However, for those who are looking to join a more exclusive club, it is important to know how many new members get accepted each year. If you want a club with rigorous membership requirements, you’ll most likely want a club which does not accept too many new members each year.

7. Events Calendar

Most Country Clubs host some annual events. If you are interested in attending such events, you will want to check out what the country club in question has to offer. Some individuals like to go to large family-friendly events which can be incorporated into family traditions. Others prefer more adult oriented parties. Whatever type of event you are interested in, you will want to factor this element into your decision process.

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Louise Williams is a freelance author from Tucson, AZ. She dreams one day of joining a country club, but until then, she’s going to research and write on clubs throughout the US. By learning about things like country club designers like AKADesignInc.com, she’s sure she will know how to pick the right one when the time comes.

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A Shore Bet

December 2nd 2013 | Posted by

For some, like Steve Donahue, staying at a casino hotel has very little to do with the gambling and has a lot more to do with the golf courses. Donahue recently stayed in Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino & Resort and was more than happily occupied with various restaurants, bars, shops, spas and of course the infamous golf courses. Year round golf courses enable people like Donahue to play the Shore Gate Golf Club, Scotland Run Golf Club, Twisted Dune Golf Club, Running Deer Golf Club and other fun courses located in AC. You can’t beat the views and beauty of these courses. Imagine playing golf and getting a view of the Atlantic City skyline as the sun rises across the bay, or getting to play on the course where the term “birdie” was invented. You can even see the view of the New York City skyline on some of the courses.

The Atlantic City Country Club (ACCC) has hosted famous celebrities and golf legends over the years. The Ballamor Golf Club holes have their own special identity and the Ballamor Grill Room offers the delicious Corn Crab Chowder and Pub Club. Donahue even explored the infamous Tropicana boardwalk and dined at Ri Ra.  Ri Ra is an Irish pub with great service and food, so much that he dined there twice!

Scotland Run is located forty-five minutes from AC and was designed by Stephen Kay. This course was built around a sand quarry that effects the play for quite a few holes. Donahue claims that his most pleasant course was the Running Deer Golf Club that goes throughout the woods and has plenty of wildlife. He saw eight turkeys; some were so large that they might even be bigger than the deer that the course was named after!

“Twisted Dune is a visually arresting, links-style course whose serpentine fairways wind up and down between towering fescue-covered dunes en route to wildly tiered putting surfaces.” Donahue said. He says that this course is the toughest and requires some intense concentration, but it’s completely worth it. The article shows various pictures of this course and other courses as well. In addition, Donahue has also rated the AC golf courses for Golf Digest. With a visit as enjoyable as Donahue’s don’t you want to give the AC golf courses a try?





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Atlantic City Golf and More

November 22nd 2013 | Posted by

The Garden State has about three hundred golf courses and nineteen of them are part of the Greater Atlantic City Golf Association (GACGA). Some of the world’s best architects- Willie Park Jr., William Flynn, Donald Ross, Tom Doak, Dana Fry, Mike Hurdzan and more have worked their mastery in Atlantic City. Rick Drennan, a Canadian golfer, got the chance to visit the beautiful Atlantic City courses. “AC is being promoted as ‘the premiere golf destination on the East Coast’.”

There are so many reasons why AC is a great place to golf. Some of them include packaged deals such as ‘stay and play’ which allows both affordable and fun deals, easy access through travel because most roads and airlines will go straight to AC or Philadelphia which is an easy route to AC as well and it provides a challenge. The nineteen courses in Atlantic City run at all different levels, some being a lot harder than others, but every single one is one hundred percent playable. Other great reasons to choose a course in AC are listed online.

They warmed up with McCullough’s Emerald Links course known for its Scottish design and Library Pub & Grill for a delicious bite after a game. They also played the Stockton Seaview Resort, Twisted Dunes and Blue Heron Pines. Drennan had the luxury of staying at the Borgata where he was able to explore the night life of Atlantic City after the golf day was over. See what else he had to say and more about why AC is the best place to spend a day on the golf course and the best place for a night in one of the famous casinos.





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McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links Too Cool To Miss

October 25th 2013 | Posted by

Stephen Kay, golf course architect, designed the beautiful course we have today known as McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links. Kay gets his inspirations from other courses located in France, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland. He claims McCullough’s was a challenge because of all the trees and greens. The Atlantic City skyline can be seen at the 11th and 12th holes; they are the highest point in the county.

The 7th hole resembles Alister MacKenzie’s original design of Augusta National and Cypress Point. MacKenzie entered a hole design contest and although his design was never actually built,Kay recreated it in McCullough’s course. However, Kay’s toughest hole is the 16th and it is surprisingly the shortest one. Find out what this hole resembles by reading the article online. After your done playing, get a bite to eat at the Library III that recently opened inside the clubhouse.


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Scottish Golf, Jersey Style

October 24th 2013 | Posted by

Twisted Dune Golf Club features dunes, bunkers of all shapes and sizes and a pond that separates holes. Archie Struthers, architect of this course, moved two million cubic yard of earth to make this course look the way it does. These visual parts of the holes make it more difficult to succeed, although not impossible. The 17th whole is the toughest to get through.”The Twisted Dune Website calls its unique design “Scottish Golf, Jersey Style.”  Golfweek ranked Twisted Dune third among New Jersey’s best courses for this year.




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Blue Heron and It’s Two Nines

October 21st 2013 | Posted by

Stephen Kay designed Atlantic City’s Blue Heron Pines Golf Club and it was built in 1993. It is now owned by NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, who also owns three other courses. Jaworski is committed to making Blue Heron an exceptionally great golfing experience. Kay has also designed The Architects Golf Club in Phillipsburg, NJ and McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links in Egg Harbor Township.

“I always try to make the back nine more difficult than the front nine,” he said. “It is definitely that way here. If you look at my courses, (hole) 18 is usually easier (than on most courses), but I get them on 17” Kay says.

Six ponds are all over this course and other parts have bends and turns. The 15th hole is knows for being the prettiest and best hole. “For everybody who isn’t a member, Blue Heron Pines Golf Club is just a great place to play for a day, good enough to be a Top 50 Public Golf World Reader’s Choice in 2010.”


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Atlantic City Plays Host to USA v Canada Golf Experience

October 14th 2013 | Posted by

There is so much more to Atlantic City other than casinos, restaurants and bars. Atlantic City offers some of the most enjoyable golf courses around. The courses consist of the Atlantic City Country Club, Blue Heron Pines Golf Club, McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links, the Bay Course at Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, Shore Gate Golf Club and Twisted Dune. In September all of these golf courses had a tournament, known as the Atlantic City Media Cup Challenge. Some of the most well known travel golf players came from the United States and Canada. Even Miss America 1979, Kylene Barker McNeil, showed up in AC for this year’s Miss America Pageant and to tee off with these travel players.

AC Country Club was designed by John Reid who took advantage of the courses surroundings. It’s beautiful 18 hole course along Lakes Bay makes it one of the most desirable places to tee off on the East Coast. Blue Heron Golf Club, designed by Stephen Kay, is tree-lined and has a few water holes. It is the most secluded course and is known as a good walking course.

McCullough’s is also designed by Kay but has no trees. McCullough’s is known for their 7th whole, which was ranked among the top 18 most fun holes to play in America by Golf Digest. The Bay Course was originally designed by Scottish man, Hugh Wilson, and then was finished by Donald Ross. Bay Course is played along Reed’s Bay that has a scenic view of Atlantic City’s skyline. Shore Gate Golf Club is designed by California architects Ron Fream and David Dale. But not to worry, this course still has its Jersey feel. It has been the only Jersey Shore golf course that was added to the list of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine’s list of best new golf course nationally. Last but not least, Twisted Dune is known as the most striking golf course in AC. Every hole is so different and dramatic you don’t even know which way to look first! It was designed by Archie Struthers and consists of many twisted landscapes and elevations.

As P.J. O’Rourke says, “ Golf combines two favorite American pastimes; taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.” Enjoy some of those pastimes and come tee off at some of the best golf courses in Atlantic City. To read the full article in the Maryland State Golf Magazine click right here.


Miss America and Atlantic City Golf – The Perfect Combo!

September 19th 2013 | Posted by

Jason Scott Deegan from TravelGolf.com gave Atlantic City Golf some spotlight with his recent review. In a 24 hour stretch that anyone can accomplish, not just a credentialed journalist like Scott, met a former Miss America, played a fantastic golf course, and had the best steak money can buy at one of the best resort casinos on the east coast.

Jason was in Atlantic City to celebrate the return of Miss America to our fine city and Jason noted the rebound that is, Atlantic City. Performers and musicians are booking shows in greater numbers and marquee boxing events are making there way to Boardwalk Hall in record numbers. Legendary champ Bernard Hopkins is fighting there next month.

It has been Jason’s opinion that the golf has always been here and always been great but enver marketed properly, well we are here to change that! The Atlantic City area has 5 of the top ten public courses in the state. And we could not agree with Jason’s statement “for a long weekend buddies trip, this might be the best golf/entertainment destination on the East Coast north of Myrtle Beach, S.C.”

Make Atlantic City your next golf vacation!


Ginella: Budget ‘Buddy Trip’ Rankings: No. 9 Atlantic City, NJ

August 27th 2013 | Posted by