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December 2nd 2013 | Posted by

For some, like Steve Donahue, staying at a casino hotel has very little to do with the gambling and has a lot more to do with the golf courses. Donahue recently stayed in Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino & Resort and was more than happily occupied with various restaurants, bars, shops, spas and of course the infamous golf courses. Year round golf courses enable people like Donahue to play the Shore Gate Golf Club, Scotland Run Golf Club, Twisted Dune Golf Club, Running Deer Golf Club and other fun courses located in AC. You can’t beat the views and beauty of these courses. Imagine playing golf and getting a view of the Atlantic City skyline as the sun rises across the bay, or getting to play on the course where the term “birdie” was invented. You can even see the view of the New York City skyline on some of the courses.

The Atlantic City Country Club (ACCC) has hosted famous celebrities and golf legends over the years. The Ballamor Golf Club holes have their own special identity and the Ballamor Grill Room offers the delicious Corn Crab Chowder and Pub Club. Donahue even explored the infamous Tropicana boardwalk and dined at Ri Ra.  Ri Ra is an Irish pub with great service and food, so much that he dined there twice!

Scotland Run is located forty-five minutes from AC and was designed by Stephen Kay. This course was built around a sand quarry that effects the play for quite a few holes. Donahue claims that his most pleasant course was the Running Deer Golf Club that goes throughout the woods and has plenty of wildlife. He saw eight turkeys; some were so large that they might even be bigger than the deer that the course was named after!

“Twisted Dune is a visually arresting, links-style course whose serpentine fairways wind up and down between towering fescue-covered dunes en route to wildly tiered putting surfaces.” Donahue said. He says that this course is the toughest and requires some intense concentration, but it’s completely worth it. The article shows various pictures of this course and other courses as well. In addition, Donahue has also rated the AC golf courses for Golf Digest. With a visit as enjoyable as Donahue’s don’t you want to give the AC golf courses a try?





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