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Joining a Golf Club: What To Look For

December 10th 2013 | Posted by

joining a country clubSelecting a country club to join can be a complicated task. Every club is a little bit different, and your membership is an important investment. You’ll want to find just the right location to give your patronage. Although the number of potential country clubs is quite large, you can narrow down your choices by focusing in on these seven essential elements of all great country clubs.

1. Your Needs and Their Resources

One of the most important elements of finding the right country club is understanding precisely what your needs are. Why do you want to join a country club? What amenities are you looking to use? Which of these amenities are most important? Although these questions may seem somewhat trivial or annoying, coming up with concrete and detailed answers can help determine what the best country club is for you.

Other things you may want to consider in this part of your journey is how much time you will be spending at the country club. If you intend on staying for extended periods, it may be beneficial to select a location with amenities well suited to your more long term needs. If your intention is to come, play a particular sport, and leave, then a very different type of country club may be ideal. Your intended time commitment will affect what amenities are best for you.

2. Sports Package

Every individual has a different preference when it comes to sports. Perhaps you enjoy a good round of golf, or maybe you like a good dip in the pool. Whatever your preference, it is important that your country club can accommodate your sports needs. If you really enjoy horseback riding, your club will need to have the necessary facilities. If you need a world-class golf course, your ideal country club will be well-known for their golfing experience. Consider which sporting facilities are most important to you and make your list of clubs accordingly.

3. Dining & Sleeping Accommodations

Some country clubs have dining opportunities with restaurants managed by world famous chefs. Other country clubs have cozier classy settings. If you enjoy a great culinary experience, you may want to look specifically for country clubs which can accommodate you.

In addition, the sleeping accommodations can make a big impact on your decision to join one country club over another. If you know that you want to spend a continuous amount of time relaxing at your country club, good sleeping accommodations is a must. Sleeping on the premises can save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress traveling from a hotel to your club.

4. Location

How far are you willing to travel for your club? Are you planning to fly in and enjoy your vacation at the club? Or do you want somewhere within driving distance? Everyone has different attitudes about how far one ought to travel to get to their country club. You will have to decide what is right for you. It is good to go in with a general idea of what your distance needs are. This is one factor which can greatly influence your decision to join a particular country club.

5. Atmosphere

Some people enjoy a high class formal experience. Others prefer a more relaxed approachable vibe. Different country clubs provide different experiences in this regard. Although almost all clubs are geared toward those seeking quality environments, they can come in a variety of flavors. For example, some country clubs have a distinctly natural atmosphere with open views of the natural environment. Others may have a more European sensibility. While others still may have a classic American feel. You will want to find a club which suits whatever atmosphere you find most appealing.

6. Membership Opportunities

The reason you should consider the membership opportunities of the club is twofold. First, you need to know if you are likely to be accepted as a member. Are there currently openings for new members in the club? Is it a matter of meeting criteria and paying dues, or is there a more complicated process? These are important for your own ability to join. However, for those who are looking to join a more exclusive club, it is important to know how many new members get accepted each year. If you want a club with rigorous membership requirements, you’ll most likely want a club which does not accept too many new members each year.

7. Events Calendar

Most Country Clubs host some annual events. If you are interested in attending such events, you will want to check out what the country club in question has to offer. Some individuals like to go to large family-friendly events which can be incorporated into family traditions. Others prefer more adult oriented parties. Whatever type of event you are interested in, you will want to factor this element into your decision process.

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